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Game is ready to sync to your profile. So you just need to pay for that and also send your psn details. In this way you will get games instantly no need any wait of completion.

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Depends how many games in your order but most of times your games will start to sync in a few hours or one-two days later.

Depends on games but most of that:
EU – Europe.
US – NA region or North America.
HK – Hong Kong, Asia.
JP – Japan.
PH – Physical release you can get trophies if you have physical disk of the game.
KR – Korean.

You can request a video and check my feedbacks.
Most of games will be done by PS5 console on EMPTY user and there no way to use someone saves for current moment.

Sure, as you wish. To complete our deal this will be between us only. You can try to pick up any cheap and fast games first and see how this service works.

Service to get platinums and trophies in easy and fast way. If you want to save your time, money or cant beat any games in this catalog so we are waiting for your orders then.:)

Seems like a hobby and nothing more. Just help people to get trophies in really easy way.

Sure, only legit way to get your trophies in proper way. On your request possible to do a video and screenshots of trophies and platinum.

Yes, all platinums or 100% will do by legit way only, NO MODS, NO SAVES, NO HACKS.